Here are answers to various questions pet owners will often have. If you don’t see your question answered please contact us. We are happy to help in any way we can.
Why use a pet sitter?

Often getting care for your animals outside of the home is just not an option. Besides the exposure to unwanted germs, which is bad for all pets but especially birds, many of our animals just do not thrive when out of their homes. Being without their families is often stressful, add to that being away from home in a place with unusual smells, loud sounds, lots of other animals and none of the “comforts of home”, it can be overwhelming for some animals. Even if the facility is well run with caring people. My dog is a rescue and my one experience boarding her was terrible for her. It was not the facility, it was her, it just brought back too many bad memories. Special needs pets and geriatric pets also benefit greatly from using a pet sitter. The care your pets receive is based on the routine and schedule that you provide. Lets face it, to our pets nobody beats mom or dad, but a sitter is the next best thing!

Why use a professional service?

Professional pet sitters demonstrate a high level of animal handling experience and have the skills necessary to provide safe and secure care for your pets while you are away. Beyond their animal expertise, they will be bonded, have a business license and carry Liability insurance to cover their business and employees A professional pet sitter will have specific policies regarding keys, who has access to your home, timeliness of visits, payment, cancellations and more. This protects you, your home and your pet. Most professional pet sitters will also belong to a professional association, such as The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. Professional associations provide business resources such as training and provide a set of ethical standards for the operation of a pet sitting business. Be sure the sitter you choose has all these qualifications and ask to see proof of current insurance, licensing, bonding and membership in a professional association.

For more information about the advantages of using a professional pet sitter, along with lots of important pet care tips, please visit The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.

What do I need to do to get ready for pet sitting?
It is important to know that your pet is a suitable candidate for pet sitting. Some of
the things to keep in mind are:

  • Vaccinations – Dogs must be current on both rabies and distemper vaccines. Proof of vaccination is required. The kennel cough vaccine is not required, as your pet will not be in a communal kenneling facility.
  • Fleas & Ticks – Both dogs and cats must have appropriate flea and tick treatment on a monthly basis.
  • Aggression Issues – Please let us know if your dog or bird (or any other animal) has a bite history. It will not necessarily preclude us from providing service, however, it will allow us to take appropriate precautions. For example, if your dog is very possessive of his home, then pet sitting may not be appropriate. Fur to Feathers provides a free complete in­home consultation to help address these types of issues. If a pet does not seem amenable at first, then a minimum of one daily visit must be scheduled prior to using our pet sitting service.

Are there any tips for getting ready to be away?
There is a lot of planning involved in travelling, whether for business or pleasure. Please take some time making adequate preparations which ensure we can care for your home and your pets in the same way you would if you were there. Here are some things to consider:

  • Pet Food & Treats – Ensure you leave enough for the entire time you will be away. Please do not change your pet’s diet within a week of traveling.
  • Medication – If any of your pets are on medication, please leave it out, along with administration details. NOTE: We can administer any type of medication, except injections.
  • Feeding Equipment –
    • Bowls: Please leave your pets food bowls in sight. Please leave water down for your pets at all times. We recommend more than one water bowl and will change them at each visit.
    • Utensils: Please leave us forks, spoons and knives if needed to prepare and serve wet and fresh foods.
  • Cleaning Supplies – We will always clean up after your pets and endeavor to leave your home as we found it. Please ensure there is an adequate amount of pet cleaning products and hand soap for our sitters to use.
    • Paper towels – These are invaluable in helping to keep your house and pets and our sitters clean. Please ensure you leave an adequate supply (at least two rolls) when going away.
    • Towels – It may be wet and rainy during your trip. Please leave out some towels so that we can clean paws and dry coats when the dogs come inside after potty time and walks.
  • Contact Information – Please leave us the location and contact information of your trip accommodation, in case we can’t reach you on your cell phone. If your cell phone number, or emergency contact information has changed, please provide us with the updated information prior to your trip.
  • Home Security – If you have a security system, have changed security companies, or updated your alarm code or password, please provide the updated information prior to your trip.
    NOTE: Fur to Feathers must have accurate security system information on file, whether or not you plan to activate the system in your absence. This is because weather systems or electrical surges can cause even inactive alarms to arm themselves, and it is upsetting to both your pets and our sitters when this happens and we don’t have the information at hand to disarm the system.
  • Others With Home Access – Will there be anyone entering your home in your absence? If your house cleaner, handyman, or anyone else will be working at your home in your absence, please let us know about each other. This way, we are aware of who should or shouldn’t be in the house.
  • Neighbors – If you have friends or neighbors who keep an eye on your property please alert them that Fur to Feathers will be entering your home. This prevents unnecessary visits from the local authorities, and keeps everyone happier.
  • Care and Routine Changes – Please let us know of any changes to your pets care and routine prior to your trip, so we can be sure to accommodate their needs.
  • Trip Plan Changes – If your trip plans change, please let us know as far in advance as possible. This will allow us to ensure you receive the appropriate refund and will free up our sitters to take on new clients and sits. Please contact Fur to Feathers directly to discuss changes to your trip, pet care routine or any other issues