Services We Provide

At Fur to Feathers we strive to give your animals the same level of care that you would provide if you were there. Keeping your pets home lets them stay in familiar surroundings and have the comfort of the same routine. Keeping a similar routine is important to our pets because it provides security, especially if you are not there. Below are lists of the types animals we service, and the services we provide. Each service has a brief description as well information related to cost.

  • SMALL MAMMALS (hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, ferrets etc)
  • SMALL FARM ANIMALS (chickens, goats, ducks, sheep etc)

If you have an animal you don’t see listed here please ask! Care plans can be customized to meet all your pets needs.


(All services include lots of Hugs and Kisses and Treats as allowed!)
Daily Dog Walking $20 per visit
20 ­- 30 minute visit which includes a neighborhood walk or play in your yard, whichever you prefer. We will also change all water bowls, give a treat or feed a meal. This visit can provide relief from the “home alone blues”, and is great for active dogs who need the exercise and elderly dogs who need increased care.
Power Walks or Hikes $35 per visit Mileage may apply.
35 – 45 minute visit for dogs with a high energy level who need the exercise especially to help them behave. This can be an extended neighborhood walk, extended play in the yard or your pet can be transported to a close by trail for a hike. Either way your pooch will come home exercised and content to relax until you come home. We will also change water bowls and give treats.
Play Dates Individual pricing will vary.
Does your dog have a doggie friend they love to play with? A canine companion with whom they can wear each other out? Or perhaps they love a dog park where they can run? We can arrange play dates in your yard or a friends, or arrange for a meeting at a dog park.
Transportation Prices will vary, millage may apply.
If your pet needs to get to an appointment and you just can’t get them there we can help. We provide secure, reliable transportation for both one way and two way rides. We have crates and car harnesses available, but you may want to provide your own. Dogs will have the opportunity to “go” before and after the ride!
Dog sitting $75 – $148 per day. Partial days will be customized. Mileage may apply.
We have several different plans to accommodate your pets needs. Our basic visit plan consists of 3 visits per day, and our most comprehensive plan has a sitter based out of your home, so your pets are getting full day care. A great level of care, and a cost effective option option for families with several pets, or special need pets. Household security and maintenance procedures are completed for visit,overnight, and all day care plans.
Minimum visits for dogs are 3 visits a day.
Fur to Feathers will use the first several service periods to evaluate the behavior and well­being of the pets under its care. If necessary we will recommend changes to the type and length of service periods.
3 visits a day $25 per visit plus mileage may apply.
Early Morning, afternoon and late evening visits are about 25-30 minutes each & include home maintenance
4 visits a day $25 per visit plus mileage may apply
Early morning, midday, late afternoon and late evening visits are about 25-30 minutes each & include home maintenance
Overnight $88 for the overnight only
Has a sitter at your home for approximately 12 hours 7:00 pm – 7:00 am Dinner and breakfast feeding is included as well as home maintenance
At least one daily visit must be made as well ­ usually afternoon ($25.00 each)
Two additional visits a day can be made if necessary, midday and late afternoon
24 hour care $148 for 24 hours.
In this package a sitter will be at your home for about 20 hours per day. Sometimes called “one at a time” care, your pets receive the undivided attention of our sitter. We work closely with you to provide the ultimate care experience and will prepare fresh foods and do shopping as needed for long term care, with no additional cost except for the items purchased. We even work with you in regard to what hours the sitter will be absent from the premises…I hate to say it but they will barely miss you!
Departure and arrival days may be billed for ½ days if applicable.
Additional animal fee may apply, but for larger amounts of animals they can be grouped, for example; chickens
Cat Sitting $30 per day.
In our one visit a day plan we will change all water bowls, feed, clean the litter box and play with your cat, or at least try our best to lay eyes on them! Household security procedures are also performed daily. If an additional visit is needed per day it is billed at the regular daily rate of $20 per visit.
Bird Sitting $30 – $40 per day
With over 30 years avian experience it is good to know your feathered friends will be have the quality of care they need and deserve. We will clean cages, prepare and feed fresh foods, change seed and water bowls and let your bird(s) out or not as you desire. Plenty of cuddle or shoulder time will be provided if that is what is best, or perhaps just some shared whistles and a head bobbing cage dance. Once a day care includes household security as well. If additional visits are requested they are billed at the regular daily rate of $20 per visit.
Service Notes:
  • Most of our services cover up to three animals per visit. We are happy to take care of more than that, but additional charges will apply
  • Due to time considerations and the cost of gas our service area is limited. Please call to find out if you are in our geographical area. If you fall outside our usual service area, we still may be able to serve you, but an additional charge will apply
  • We serve all of Monroe, most of Trumbull, and parts of Shelton, Easton and Newtown
  • PaymentWe accept cash, check or credit payments. A 50 % deposit is due at the time of booking to secure the booking. The balance is due upon the first day of service. Monthly or bi-monthly invoicing is available for daily walks.
  • Cancellations Refunds of deposits are typically applied to future services. Please contact us for details of cancellation time-­lines and refund amounts.
  • Holidays Our services book up quickly for peak holiday times. It is advisable to book as far in advance as possible for holiday vacations. There is a surcharge for service on legal holidays.
  • Keys – Keys and alarm codes must be provided in advance of service. For regular clients, our office will securely maintain a copy of your keys. We cannot accept a garage code or garage door opener as the sole method of entry to your home. In the event of a power outage, we would not be able to access the home, causing distress to both your pets and our sitters.
  • Security – Keys may not be hidden outside the house to provide access for your pet sitter or other workers during our service.
  • Third Party Liability Except in special circumstances, Fur to Feathers must be the sole provider of care for your pets while you are away. For many reasons, including liability and continuity of care, Fur to Feathers does not accept shared liability sits.
  • Service Refusal  Fur to Feathers reserves the right to refuse service if we feel that the services requested are not in the best interests of either your pets or our sitter.
  • Service Contract  We will discuss full details of our Terms of Service with you during your
    in-home consultation.

Questions? – Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We would be happy to
discuss your pet care needs!