Wondering what our clients have to say?

“How great to have found someone fantastic to take care of my ” kids” for several weeks while I was in the hospital and continued to come to the house during my convalescence!!! Not only was my home secure but best of all my critters were happy and well cared for. I will have to have her come for random visits as the “kids” think she is their best friend “

Thea – Trumbull, CT

“Gwen went above and beyond ­ even vacuumed the house since my long haired cat sheds!! AND she left fresh flowers for our homecoming! A wonderful, personal service. No Worries!! “

Diane – Trumbull, CT

(Just so you all know, I picked the flowers from her hydrangea bush which was in full bloom, I didn’t buy them! – Gwen)

“Thank you so much for taking such good care of Alta and Jackson while we were away on vacation. I was happy knowing they were comfortable in their own surroundings. Also, THANK YOU for vacuuming while we were away! It was a HUGE help! “

Melissa – Monroe, CT


Gwen was a huge part of our boys Bruz and Jax’s daily lives for many years until we recently moved back to MA. Can’t say enough about how amazing she is!!

Lauren -Facebook

My Jax loves them .We are so lucky to have them.I will use them always

Vanessa – Facebook